I'm Thomas Fredholm and I've been in to making guitars for almost 25 years. It was the best ever made Martin D 45 that started it off. I just had to find out how to do it! Sweden can not brag with a guitarmaking tradition so it had to be self studies. The Western guitars I made I put (forced) in the hands of friends who where in to music and then I turned towards professional guitarists. I was really into folk music so I made some Irish bouzoukis and dulcimers as well.
Over the years I've recived quite a few scholar ships and grants and thanks to those I've been able to travel a lot and spending time with luthiers such as Jonathan Hinves in Granada, Spain and restor Bernhard Kresse in Köln, Germany. I've met colleges in Asia, America and Europe and I've visited saw mills.
I went to the US on several occasions and met many guitar freaks and brilliant luthiers and got to see a lot of fantastic guitars. It was during one of those trips to the States that I came across the making of classical guitars. It was very different from what I had been doing, much more complicated and I got hooked.
I got this "thing" for clear tunes and an everlasting sustain and it's one of my "triggers". I still keep in contact with guitarists when it comes to the quality of tone and the aesthetic . Every year I travel around Europe to visit different schools and festivals. If you want to get in touch with me don't write an e- mail unless you're not in a hurry! I'm absolutely useless when it comes to computers just give me a call or write to me instead.
Thomas Fredholm
Älvefjordsgatan 4
417 23 Göteborg
Tfn: 0701 712 013
E- post: thomas@fredholmguitars.com




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